Barbarian Tribes

Barbarian Tribes are new NPC opponents to conquer for profit!

  • Added Barbarian Tribes. View the full details in the official design document.
  • Added technologies to level 15 Barracks, Stable, and Workshop to reduce upkeep for specific units. View the help page for more info.
  • Doubled amount you can contribute to tribe from trading posts. This does not affect the amount you can send to other cities.
  • Changed Stronghold gate and upkeep values. It should now have a more natural progression than previously.
  • Lowered the Stronghold gate repair cost. It's now a fixed amount per gate HP. For full details view the Stronghold document linked above.
  • Doubled Gladiators damage against the Strongholds gate.
  • Added a soft cap to Weapon Export. WE will produce less gold than normal if you currently have more gold than the cap. Read the WE description on the help page for the specific numbers.
  • Added ability to change the attack mode (retreat condition) for stationed troops.
  • Slightly reduced the wood cost required to train Hoplites. This should make them more useful in Stronghold battles.
  • Fixed an issue with assignments where troops would potentially arrive early if a unit upgrade had completed while waiting in assignment.
  • You will no longer be required to have more than 5 Fighters for Town Center upgrades other than level 2 to level 3.
  • When sending attacks/reinforcement, you will always be prompted to double click the target. This should help with accidentally sending out units in some cases.
  • Fixed units in Stronghold profile getting cut off.

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