You may contact a moderator using the Feedback Page  or by using the in-game private message. Some are also available via the Tribal Hero IRC (webchat ).  The following players are moderators:

  • giulianob (Developer)
  • oscarmike (Developer)
  • Darnis (Primary Art Director)
  • SkotchTape
  • XGMike
  • jesuschrist
  • Zechnophobe (Inactive 10/3)
  • Wesoteric (Inactive 10/3)
  • Rhythmatic (Inactive 8/14)
  • RCraft (Inactive 8/14)
  • ag4lugy4 (Inactive 8/14)
  • sebovzeoueb (Inactive 8/14)

You may also be interested in reading the Moderator Code of Conduct for more information about moderators responsibilities.

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