Confused by the various abbreviations used in the chat? Here is a list.


TH : Tribal Hero

TC : Town Center

TG : Training Ground

TP : Trading Post

SH : Stronghold

BS: Blacksmith

Rax: Barracks


Hele: Helepolis

Hops: Hopolites

Cavs: Cavalry

Catas: Catapults

Glads: Gladiators

Barbs: Barbarians


AP : Attack Points

DP : Defense Points

IP : Influence Points

VP: Victory Points

VPR: Victory Point Rate


Early 2013

  • TBG : The Blood God
  • HP : Hounds Pit
  • GS : Gentlemen Scoundrels
  • SP: Satan's Penis

Mid 2013

  • TJB: The Jefferson Brothers
  • SP: Satans Penis

Late 2013

  • MD: Mythic Dawn

Early 2014

  • TB: Tasty Beverage

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